Cenla Animal Clinic in Pineville leads the pack with compassionate care.

The staff at Cenla Animal Clinic is committed to the health and the well being of all animals in Alexandria / Pineville / Grant Parish area.




The long time dedicated staff at Cenla Animal Clinic include:


  • Dr. April Brown, DVM
  • Dr. Anna Blalock, DVM
  • Dr. Karen Cousins, DVM
  • Ms. Michelle Brown, Office Manager / Vet Tech
  • Mary Mills, Receptionist
  • Laurie Brown, Receptionist
  • Bettydean Gaspard, Vet Tech
  • Kimberly Woodham, Kennel and Vet Assistant
  • Lucinda Smith, Kennel and Vet Assistant
  • Katie Woodard, Vet Tech
  • Korey Miller, Kennel and Vet Assistant
  • and our clinic pets: Fonzie, Allie, Winston, and Chip                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Our motto is “Your pet’s health is our main goal” – and we provide it daily at our animal clinic.

At Cenla Animal Clinic, we understand that special bond between pets and their owners. Our commitment to our clients and their pets is to provide the finest veterinary care in a compassionate veterinary medical setting, whether your pet is here for a routine check-up, major surgery, or simply to board with us. We cover all pet health care needs, from curative or diagnostic surgery to dentistry, from spays/neuters to soft tissue/cosmetic surgeries, from vaccinations to preventative health checks.

Many medical conditions can be relieved with prescription diets, topical applications, and/or prescription medication, readily available with our in-house pharmacy. We carry a full line of prescription diets to manage your pet’s health. These specially designed foods help to manage food allergies, intestinal problems, weight reduction, diabetes, geriatric aches, cardiac/ kidney disorders, and tartar control as well. In addition, we carry the leading tick, flea, and heartworm protection medications for your pet.

Your pet’s annual health check-up will include a complete physical examination, discussion of vaccinations, preventive medicines, and diet. It’s a good idea to keep an accurate diary on things like your pet’s elimination habits and any physical changes or unusual occurrences, including urinary habits and mood swings, along with diet modifications. Be sure to share this information with our health care team. Like people, pets need periodic teeth cleaning, as tartar and plaque build up. We will address this during the annual check up.

Likewise, there may be a time in your pet’s life that he or she needs surgery. At Cenla Animal Clinic, surgeries are performed daily, utilizing the safest anesthesia. Digital radiographs(x-rays), sonograms, EKG, and in house laboratory help to diagnose and ensure that the correct steps are taken to provide for your pet’s health and well-being.

We operate a full-service boarding facility with bath/dip and nail care using only the top rated veterinary cosmetic/medicated products.

Cenla Animal Clinic has a complete pharmacy, providing only properly dated and stored products. For your convenience, call us prior to coming in, and we will have your medication ready for you to pick up.

Cenla Animal Clinic accepts payment via Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, Care Credit, and Discover. So that we can continue to provide you with high quality service, utilizing the best medical technologies, we request that payment be made at the time services are rendered.

We provide estimates for all surgeries, hospitalizations, and boarding reservations.

Pet insurance is another option to help reduce the cost of pet ownership. Be aware that certain breeds have a predisposition to specific illnesses that may not be covered by the pet insurance companies. For more information, links to several companies are listed below:

Our patients do not need an appointment for exams or vaccinations.

All surgeries must have an appointment.

We are at your service during these office hours:
Monday – Friday: 8am-6pm
Saturday: 8am-12pm

If you decide to call ahead of time, please contact us at 318-445-6211.

For our patients’ convenience, we provide full 24/7 emergency coverage during after hours and holidays at the Crossroads Emergency Animal Clinic in Alexandria. Telephone: 318-427-12